Reflective Final Project Evaluation of ‘Looking at You’

Comparing the title of my project ‘Looking at You’, and the title of my outcome ‘Looking at London’, makes me realise and reflect on how far my project has come since deciding on this title. Yet when deciding on the title of my outcome and reflecting on my project proposal, ‘Looking at London’ fitted it perfectly.

I have kept to my project proposal better than I had expected, however I did make changes. The artists I had intended to look at, e.g. James Jean, were interesting, but not helpful in terms of developing my project. Also my visit to the Design Museum was not as helpful as I had expected, leaving me with no inspiration for the next stage of the project.

The problem I had chosen to solve was to translate the characters of people around me into visual symbols. Which I believe I achieved in my final outcome, using their own clothes as symbols. Within this I encountered other problems. Like how I was going to record people and their attire. I started with photography but it was difficult to so without the subject being aware of it. So inspired by Lucinda Roger’s lecture, I chose to draw from life instead. She said that photographs often miss things and you can get a better representation from drawing from life.

I started with a broad idea, which I investigated and narrowed down according to what ideas inspired me the most. My whole project was driven by stimulation, as there is not much point in a project in a direction you’re not interested in. E.g. I found myself unmotivated by the Internet based research, but excited by the things and concepts I had seen at the V&A. A key factor that I think helped with developing my ideas was viewing the work of Lucinda Rogers and Stefanie Posavec. These are the two sources from my bibliography that proved to be the most useful. The fashion student who gave her opinions on what people’s clothes said about them for me, was also a useful resource.

I did a lot of research using methods such as drawings form life, information from the Internet, museums, books and photography. But I think the best method of research for me was certainly going out and recording things in person, which was when I sketched and photographed individuals and experienced galleries at the V&A. ‘Thinking through Making\Doing’, really works for me.

Within this project I explored a range of appropriate materials: pencil, pen, ink, collage and watercolour. Watercolour I’m familiar with but it wasn’t bold or vibrant enough, which is why I chose inks increasingly often as my project progressed. Using a dip ink pen provided me with more control, therefore finer drawings.

The methods and processes I used included a lot of drawing from observation, photography, digital manipulation. I spent alot of time at the beginning of my project recording people because I was enjoying it so much. I briefly experimented with 3D, but didn’t have time to take it further unfortunately. The main process used in my outcome was scanning drawings and digitally manipulating them, allowing me to produce an easily read diagram, inspired by Stefanie Posavec’s images.

I think I managed my time and followed my action plan well. I allowed enough time for effective research, development and to produce an outcome, without stress but still challenge. I think my action plan was slightly weak in the middle, so this is something I will not let happen again.


In the future I need to use peer/tutor opinions more regularly, so they can find flaws in my work and I can fix them. I also need to experiment with scale more, I know I didn’t do this enough in this project and probably missed out on some interesting outcomes.

I’ve learnt alot about the value of drawing on site from Lucinda Rogers and through practice, and I think it’s something that will stay with me. I now feel that by drawing on site your outcome will be more truthful and you’ll observe things that photographs miss. Furthermore, I have experienced how constructive blogging can be. I found by recording what I had done recently, I ended up with a chronological record of my ideas. Updating this blog was something I enjoyed and will definitely continue with in future projects.

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