My Final Outcome


The last time I blogged I had a rough start on my final outcome, the pictogram.

Since then i’ve added 4 more boroughs to the chart, Croydon, Lewisham, Greenwich and Bexley. These are all Boroughs that surround my borough of Bromley. If I had the time, I would have done more boroughs because I think in this case the more information being displayed, the more impressive the outcome is.

Within each of the documented boroughs displayed, I’ve made the last figure more precise, e.g sometimes only 40% of a figure. I then added a black line to each of these partial figures so they fit in with the others. I think the black outline plays a big part in my outcome and the partial figures didn’t look complete without it.

I also added a key, showing that each figure represents 20000 people, so that the viewer can work out the population of the boroughs if they wanted too.

I gave each row a heading in the form of their borough’s logo. I drew each logo using inks to match the figures, which I think works perfectly.

I gave my pictogram the title ‘Looking at London’, form my FMP title ‘Looking at you’, but this time more specific. Comparing titles ‘Looking at You’ and ‘Looking at London’ makes me think how far my project has come since first deciding on that title. Yet it fits my final outcome perfectly because I was simply looking and documenting people and then displayed this information using a pictogram.

I also added a small section in the bottom-right hand corner with a small piece of text explaining the pictogram, (so people understand that the images are of individuals I had seen and not 20000 people in Bromley own a body-warmer etc). As well as a diagram of the London boroughs and which ones I had been documenting from.

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