Looking At You – FMP What Your Clothes say about You (Part 2)

I visited my 3 chosen locations, Camberwell, Bromley and London Bridge, several times recently. Each time I have been slyly photographing the people there, shown below.

London Bridge



I then passed these images on to my expert, (19 year old Fashion Student, Tamryn Cooper-King), who gave me her opinion on what the clothes said about the wearer.

“I would say these two girls are fairly fashion conscious, wearing items which are particularly trendy. I also think they’d choose fashion over complete warmth .. ie. girl on the right no gloves, Girl on the left a thin blazer instead of a coat.”

“This person has definately gone with practicality, the shoes are typical running shoes. But there is still an essence of caring she has pick monotone colours of just simple black and white, and they have been pair well. She seems like the type to buy garments that are told to be the best for that particular activity, very consumer aware.”

“This couple is more about comfort than style. What looks like partical walking shoes for london, and a pair of lose fitting jeans. The woman in this case is quite brand aware, wearing a well known label ‘ Adidas’. Also red is quite a eye catching colour which means not afraid to be noticed in that jumper. The male wearing a rugby shirt, with horizontal stripes tells me that he either is representing a certain team, or isn’t aware that horizontal stripes are unflattering in some cases of larger men.”

“This woman seems to be very stylish, she seems to know that double denim doesn’t work and has dressed a dark colour trousers. She has tied her hair up to show off her earrings which are large and very eye catching. The layers on her top half and figure hugging bottom half tells me that she is comfortable and confident with her legs.”

” A leather jacket and formal trousers shows that he does have an awareness of what is trendy, however he seems to be wearing a a plain top underneath and that wouldn’t work well with the formal trousers but he has covered it with a leather jacket.”

“This woman is definitely looking quite good for cold weather, dark colours are always suited for winter, and she has dressed in a mac which looks good and helps show off he figure with the waist belt that she has, it breaks up the dark colour with a light grey, and also works well with the other colours in the jacket. Small pumps and black leggings help draw attention to the coat and figure.”

“This look is just casual, grey top and dark blue jeans… He is staying safe with dark colours. The jacket shows he wants to be warm but the style of the jacket is bomber shows he is aware of what makes him look good as a longer jacket might make him look shorter.”

“The man walking towards us looks as if he is dressing up, but not too much. He is wearing a formal shirt and trousers and smart shoes – tells us that he cares about his image. He is trying to dress he is also wearing a small jacket on top which tells us he wants top off the formal look he is wearing.”

“The man in this image is very casual, he has just a hoody and jeans on with trainers, the sachels shows that he is going for comfortability when it comes to carrying his things around. The woman in this has a brown leather jacket, which shows her figure well. She also have figure hugging jeans that tell me she is proud of her body and likes too look good.”  

 Thank you Tamryn!

One day whilst filling my sketchbook of observational drawings of people, I decided to just sketch certain items of clothes that they were wearing.

A tutor asked me if all the garments in this image were from one person, which they aren’t. So he recommended that maybe this could be another direction my project could go in. By drawing everything that someone is wearing, creating almost an image of a image, without the physical person in it. The tutor suggested looking at a certain piece by the french artist Christian Boltanski, in which he photographed absolutely everything that a particularly maid owned, which turned out to not be alot. It was these few belongings that told you what she found to be essential. Unfortunately I cannot find any of these photographs anywhere. I like this idea, and if I had more time I would definitely consider investigating down this route. But however at this point, I’ve more interested in what a single piece of clothing says about someone. The piece that stands out to be the piece that communicates their characteristics.

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