The Next Step FMP

After my visit to the Design Museum turned out to be less useful and relevant then I had intended I was left feeling really quite stuck. I needed a direction to start working towards my final outcome and I needed to find one quickly.

Looking back on what I had done already, I had alot of observational research of people, and then their clothes. So I thought, why not let their clothes be the symbol that represents them. I had already started researching ‘what your clothes say about you’ so why not use that as the direction. For example, the man sitting next to me on the train on the way back from the design museum, was wearing a black/dark plastic coat. I think the details of this coat said alot about his character. Such as he was wearing it with the hood up, perhaps for warmth, or maybe he doesn’t want to be noticed or stand out. The coat had no decoration on it at all, no logo or brand, it is this simple design that implies to me that this man wears this plain coat for function, and not fashion. It has several pockets, again for functional reasons like keeping his belongings safe and close to him.

Using this idea, I began brainstorming. I thought briefly into designing a dressing up game, as it turns out to be huge on the internet. And a magnetic dressing up game, which I had when I was younger, but this idea wasn’t very original at all and I don’t even know how I would go about making one.

I decided to start doing portraits of the people I had photographed, just as an exercise to get me really looking into the fine details of their outfits. I liked these images, however they didn’t provide me with any answers as to what I present as my final outcome.

So I began looking at a different approach, inspired by Lucinda Roger’s visit the other week, I began doing on site landscapes. I had been doing studies of people on site before this, but I hadn’t given drawing the landscapes a second thought until then. So I went back to my 3 locations, Camberwell, Bromley and London bridge and started drawing.

These images were done on site, which quite sketchy, quick, loosely done and expressive.

Whereas these were done from photographs of the locations (which I had taken), and are much more controlled and perhaps capture less of the character of the location.

Like the portraits, despite enjoying doing these drawings, they don’t help me move forward in my FMP.




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