Looking at You – FMP Symbols

The second part of my action plan involved beginning to research into symbols so yesterday I visited the Design museum in hope of viewing the work of graphic designers who use symbols, to give me inspiration. However I was very disappointed to find that there was a very limited amount of this kind of work on display. In fact there were only two pieces from the whole of the museum that I found inspirational that could be linked in with my project, Conran Chairs by Terence Conran, and Cut it out by Noma Bar.

Terence Conran is a very successful furniture designer, famous for working for habitat and now working for Marks & Spencers. Conran designed these chairs to fit the restaurant, they almost perfectly sum up or represent what the restaurant is about, it’s personality, it’s mood, it’s identity. The more you look at these the more hard work and attention to detail you notice has been put in. I like these because are symbols of the┬árestaurants they come from, yet practical and durable.

‘Cut it Out’ is the series of images by Noma Bar, a piece nominated for design of the year at the Design Museum. ┬áThese images focus on playing with negative space and almost feel like they’re illusions. I love the clean cut edges and finish to these, achieved using a cutting machine. Although quite visually interesting, I don’t think I have the time to start going down the illusion route with regards to my final piece.

Last Week when I was at the V&A I passed through the main gallery full of various statues to leave and realized that these statues were all symbols. Statues are generally built to commemorate a historic event or the life of an influential person. Perhaps this could be something to explore with regards to my final piece, physically making things/miniatures that act as symbols.

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