Christmas Story Work

After spending the final week before the christmas creating a character and a building, in the half term we were instructed to create an A2 landscape of london, using our buildings and plot-line.

The plot is reasonably simple, all the characters who had died lie on one side of the river Thames in their Mausoleums; whilst those who survived and received the money and dream homes, live on the other side. The dead then rise as zombies and attempt to attack the other side, as zombies usually do. So the living build high walls on their side of the river, and burn the bridges to protect themselves.

My initial thought was to scan in my sketches of everyone’s buildings and work digitally from these to compose a landscape, however my scanner is not working. So instead I began collecting maps of central london to work with.

I love the second map, it’s tiny yet intricate and precise illustrations instantly grabbed my attention and I wanted to create something similar. However this is not a landscape, it is a map. A map is a document with a purpose to get you from A to B, while I believe a landscape should capture the character of somewhere instead of being used for navigation.

So I simply used the maps to help me place my buildings. I began replacing buildings on the map with the ones from my sketches using their shape and characteristics. My outcome was this very very rough sketch, but it still felt too much like a map as opposed to a landscape due to the angle I have drawn it from.

I decided to change my drawing angle to a much lower one, as if I am drawing from eye level as opposed to an aerial one. I wanted to create an image with the river dividing the living side from the dead side. I wanted to create an image full of hopelessness and fear.

I first sketched my vision, then attempted to create it in photoshop using the graphics tablet that I received for Christmas, which proved to be a lot less successful than I had hoped! I think I will need more practice with it before I attempt it again.

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