Making things happen

To begin this project we were instructed to ‘make something happen‘ and collect ‘evidence’ of it to bring into the studio after the holidays. We were to move away from methods we would usually use as illustrators and experiment.

Upon reading the list of suggestions the words that instantly grabbed my attention were: Chaos, Speed, Noise, Fear and Confusion. I chose to pursue Chaos. I decided to attend the boxing day sales , which are known for being very disorderly, and record this through sound-recordings, photographs, discarded items and more. However on my way to the Bluewater sales my car broke down, which was certainly very chaotic.

I photographed the journey there, which was made up of mostly slow moving traffic, requiring a lot of clutch control, overworking it, causing it to burn out and for me to breakdown. However I didn’t photograph any of the smoking bonnet, or being towed, which is now very inconvenient.

As the evidence for my primer i am going to present the evidence I have from this experience such as the Recovery Report document, but then inspired by the french artist Sophie Calle, I will recreate this experience.

Sophie Calle is an artist who reproduces her experiences through photographs and performances. A good example of her work is her series ‘The Hotel’. Calle had a part-time job as a chambermaid in Venice, she made a piece of work about her ideas of who the hotel guests were based on their belongings.

She is an artist very much involved in her work, we see her personal opinion by the way she has composed the images.

I intend to photograph elements related to my break down by re-staging them, as Calle did. Initially I was irritated that I hadn’t photographed my experience, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have evidence that it happened.

Here I have gathered 2 documents to do with the chaos that was my break down, along with a series of photographs of the slow moving traffic that caused the clutch to break. Finally I recreated the orange hazard lights of the AA van that towed me home.

I hope that this is significant preparation for next weeks task.

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