Introduction to Books

Our task for over the weekend was to create 30 different solutions for what x=?

I studied A level maths so I’m quite used to seeing this! So my first instinct was to recite all the equations and formulae I could think of. I then began including an actual formulae booklet and past paper questions from the internet and even attempting to solve them in some cases!

Inspired by all of these equations i began combining them with images to create little amusing puns, (even if I was the only one who enjoyed them!).

I then decided for the last few solutions to move away from the mathematic approach and simply think about what ‘X’ usually means to us. I came up with these solutions:

On monday morning we were shown all sorts of simple books that we could experiment with and make quickly. We then used our X=? solutions as subjects for a number of short books that we produced that morning.

Our task for the remainder of the day and the following day was to used one of our solutions to create a developed book, one where we could spend time thinking about which materials and styles were appropriate to our content, and would extend it.

I played with a few ideas, most of which had a far too complicated story-line or were simply too complex for the short space of time I had to complete it in. The idea i decided on eventually wasn’t in fact one of my X=? solutions at all, but inspired by some of them.

X = wrong. We all do wrong things, we all make mistakes. However we all seem to do more wrong things and make more mistakes when we are drunk.

I have a friend who often posts on this twitter the stupid things he does on his mad nights out at uni. He takes full responsibility for these things, ending each tweet with, ‘I ruin my own life’. Inspired, I decided to base my short book on a few of the stupid things being under the influence of alcohol does to us.

I chose the form of a concertina form book, simply bec

ause as my tutor said, ‘it is playful, it’s fun’ which I feel relates to why we might drink alcohol, to have a good time.

I titled it, ‘Alcohol ruins my life’, as I’m sure this is some

thing that may have crossed our minds the morning after a heavy night out. As the pages of the book unfold, each drawing of an event that may have happened to us on a night out, gradually becomes more dangerous, stupid and sev

ere, as we consume more and stronger alcohol, (examples for alcoholic brands shown behind the image).

On the reverse side, there are quotes inspired by the tweets of my alcohol-loving friend that relate to the images on the other side.

This book is meant to be humorous because it shows things that the majority of adults can relate to, however it is also showing the serious effects of alcohol misuse.

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