Sculpting Ideas

In  preperation for Monday’s studio sessio we were asked to bring in play dough or modelling clay and record through writing and drawing, 20 different events/moments/happenings.

For my drawings I decided on:









Tweeting, Wearing my furry hat, X factor results, Eating chocolate cake in Costa, Watching repeats of Family Guy and Sleeping teenager.

 And the 14 written happenings are: Playing Angry Birds, Eating Too much chocolate, Being stuck on the bus, Sunday Roast Dinner, Being unwell, Christmas Shopping, Chaos on the News, Cat vs Dog, Being Paid, Ignoring the alarm clock, Rihanna taking over the radio, Excited for the Advent calenders, Panicing over personal Statements and People I don’t like.

We spent the morning experimenting with each others ideas using our play dough. For each moment we were given a set time period in which we were to complete a small sculpture in. In more cases then not, these were very short periods of time! Encouraging us to be bold with our initial instinctive ideas and follow them through. All of the time we were trying to be creative with it, thinking outside of the box, avoiding the obvious sculpture to make to ensure our ideas were unique.

We were then given another short amount of time to record our models by drawing them, which is an interesting approach that I found very effective as I could take the successful elements from the model and make the drawing based of them.

I definately enjoyed this activity, it reminded me about how much I love model making. I find model making a good way to channel ideas from my head into something physical, to see if they are practical, rather than simply diving in to do a drawing. And although i find working at this extreme pace causes me alot of stress, it was quite effective and enjoyable. My problem with working so fast is that I never perform well when I am being rushed, I want to complete the task well, not just fast.


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