30 things

30 things

As preparation for our first day on the illustration pathway we were asked to complete a task ’30 things to do’, where we were to respond and record 30 things in various ways. I completed 25/30 tasks, which explains the gaps.

1. Do a drawing for a matchbox

2. Write your name in water

3. Words fail me

4. Record yourself doing something backwards


5. The end: travel to the end

6. Draw every chair you sit in today

7. Dress as someone else

8. Don’t tread on the cracks

11. Measure things. Lots of things.

13. Public private

14. Before/After

16. This is the worst one and i bought it

17. Count something pointless

18. Fragmentation

19. Draw the whole way through an episode of the news in red.

20. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0

21. Draw the internet

22. Draw an object 20 times, each time getting smaller

23. 180 degrees

24. Draw your favourite letter

25. Vote for….

26. Carrots make your hair curl

28. Draw the elephant in the room

29. It shouldn’t happen but it does

30. Over and out

Upon entering the studio today we displayed our work on the walls and briefly viewed each others ideas. We were then split into two groups, A’s and C’s. C’s then made various drawings inspired by the work on the walls, which was then passed on to the A’s who replicated this new work onto one large collaged, collective drawings. We later swapped roles and by the end of the day we had created exciting, large and lively, experimental pieces. The purpose of the activity was to bond and work with our new peers, which is always thought-provoking, inspiring and enjoyable.

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